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Channing Miller, e-Advertising Manager, Business Customer Organization - Hewlett Packard

Dorothy Marcic Hits a Home Run! Dorothy Marcic is truly an innovator. I work at HP, and have for the last 12 years. If you've read about HP lately, we are "reinventing" everything-being bold and moving to become a truly great company in the 21st century. This takes a lot of new thinking and behavior change.

In my work with Dorothy she has exhibited the kind of approach that enables managers to get out of their old "intellectual" way of approaching change and problems, and begin to tap into the source of innovation, which is within all of us. For the 21st century, this is what is essential as our world is demanding more sophisticated solutions to urgent global problems, challenges and opportunities.

Dorothy's education and experience add up to being a truly unique management consultant ... her years in Czechoslovakia at the Czech Management Center, her teaching at Vanderbilt University, her book Managing with the Wisdom of Love ... all add up to her pioneering path.

Recently Dorothy has added music to her repertoire. Science has shown that the integration of music and art into the learning process enhances innovation and creativity. In seeing Dorothy lead one of her new seminars, I observed how she gets people out of their comfort zone, brings new perspective to the issues at hand, lightens up the process, and ends up with many new ideas being brought back into the business world.

In my work at HP, which now focuses on the integration of advertising and the internet world-wide for the new business- to-business customer space, I will consult with Dorothy regularly. I value her perspective, open-mindedness and her open heart. When we collaborate, much happens that truly enables me to contribute to my company's commitment to change and innovation. These are exciting times, and Dorothy is an exciting person to work with. I recommend her highly.

Tom Brown, from the MG New Ideas Webzin

Dorothy Marcic has found a way to fuse two passions-a love of singing and a passion for modern management-and the outcome is a whole new way to think about organizational change. Having watched Dorothy sing and teach, I can confirm that she taps a different set of neural senses via this unique approach. When was the last time you attended a management lecture where people laughed and cried within one 60-minute stretch?

If you're smart, you'll soon be considering her insights on management-while also tapping your foot in time to her great singing!

Theresa Corey, Regional Sales Manager-The Opera House, Rutland, VT

Over my many years in business, there have been countless meetings and seminars that I have attended, including huge rallies with excellent speakers. Dr. Marcic's style and energy is needed and will be appreciated. Both men and women will remember her. The memory retention is difficult at a typical seminar, but the way Dr. Marcic moves along and emphasizes her points is excellent. She hits a grand slam.

Dean La Frenais, Branch Manager-GE Finance & Insurance (Australia)

Before attending Dr. Marcic's presentation, my branch was written off by the executive team as a non-achieving branch. Morale was down, and we were close to being closed or relocated. My staff were non-performing nobodies., no future, basically forgotten about. Since following her ideas my branch is now the best performing branch not only in Western Australia, but in all of Australia.

Michael Cakrt, Professor-Czech Management Center

She stimulates lively discussion which enlivens the audience and makes lasting impressions.

Dee Miller, Director of Leadership and Interpersonal Skills Development-USAA Corp.

One of the highlights of our program. She receives coments such as "Has a terrific style-she does it with her heart"... "Great motivational speaker" ... "Very animated and involved."

Rebecca Wilson-Evanston, Illinois

Dorothy Marcic's presentation is gutsy and audacious. But don't let the entertainment value fool you. It's packed with a powerful message of empowerment for women.

Robert Rosenfeld, President-Idea Connection Systems

She not only knows her materials thoroughly, she is able to captivate a multitude of people in different roles and management levels. Dorothy is one of those rare people who can successfully transfer knowledge and understanding on how to solve complex problems.

Jane McDay-Williston, Vermont

Dorothy Marcic is magnificent! This history/perspective is a MUST-SEE for ourselves, our daughters (our sons!)-what a wealth of research. I love it!

Larry Miller, Former President, Miller-Howard Consulting-Towers-Perrin

Dorothy's style is filled with energy and enthusiasm. And she also elevates the listerners' line of sight, helps them create higher meaning which can be translated into new behaviors.

Tommy Beers, Building Contractor-Ithaca, New York

I really loved your presentation about popular culture and the messages it sends to women-or the message it reveals about our attitude toward women. It was extremely moving to be in a room with so many women of such diverse backgrounds and cultures and to feel the yearning and longing for the world view that you so aptly portrayed. It was very important for me as a man (husband and father and brother) to actually feel that longing.

It reminded me of the times when a woman tries to explain something to me and I don't get it. There was not place for "not getting it" in the room after your presentation. It was palpable. You could have cut the feeling with a knife because it was so powerful. "That's what we want. That's all. Is that too much?"

I find myself since then working with renewed determination in my own family to bring my actions to a level consonant with the feelings and aspirations expressed in your presentation.