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Being Whole in the Workplace (excerpt)
By Lynn Garrett, 1998


Dorothy Marcic, author and director of the graduate program in human resources at Vanderbilt University, is a Bahá'í from Nashville, Tennessee.

Bahá'u'lláh (founder of Bahá'í) said that trustworthiness is the foundation for all virtues, that "every affair doth depend on it." And I teach that in business, if you treat people unjustly, they pull back some of themselves, becoming unmotivated and cynical. When people say, "business is business," it's usually an excuse for being unethical. But business is not separate from the rest of the world - it operates on the same principles. Doing the right thing is good for business in the long run. It wasn't that long ago you couldn't say "God" tomany people, certainly not in companies - they'd shrink away from you. Now there's a hunger for spirituality, and people are talking about it, even at work.

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